Hosting the Stele Open for the past 3 years has been my absolute privilege!

What is the stele open?


A Premiere Gaming Tournament... Right Before Worlds

At its heart, the Stele Open is a really big game tournament dedicated solely to the Star Wars tabletop miniature games X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, and now Destiny. You won't find a better venue to refine your strategies for Worlds against elite-level competition than the Stele Open. 

It's is, however, also much, much more than that! 

A Social Event

By putting a big game tourney in a private venue the space sort of becomes "ours." The Stele Open is about encouraging people to get away for the weekend and hang out with friends and like-minded players from all over, while we all enjoy playing the games we love! I take "the best part of X-Wing weekend" and make it THE WHOLE WEEKEND! 

Laid-back Gaming Fun for Every Skill Level

Let's be honest, not everyone who attends the Stele Open has a real chance of winning the event, and lots of people aren't really looking to try. The competition at the higher tables is as fierce as at any Regional or National event. The real fun of the Stele Open, however, is found among the "rest of us." That's the focus of the Stele Open. EVERYONE who shows up has chance to walk away with some cool stuff.

Each year players from the mid and low tables approach me and tell me that the Stele Open was the best time they've ever had losing a game tournament. That sounds silly, but tells me all I need to know! Almost nobody "drops" at the Stele Open. Great games with fun people are why we all play, and what you'll find at Stele.

A Unique Tournament Experience

At the Stele Open you will want for very little.

Thirsty? Water is always on-hand and soft drinks are always free. A full bar and hospitality suite are also right around the corner from the event hall for those of you who would prefer to purchase adult libation. 

Hungry? Since the Stele Open is hosted in a luxury hotel, dining options are always close to hand. Also, through an arrangement with some Northern VA food truck vendors, you'll always have ready access to a variety of great, fresh food options. Dinner on Saturday and lunch on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday are included at no extra charge!

Tired? Your continued support has allowed me to place the Stele Open in a beautiful venue with luxury accommodations at a reasonable room rate.

Forget some stuff? My retail sponsors will be on-hand to ensure you can purchase any game accessories you might have accidentally left at home, and don't worry about mats. Every game at the Stele Open is played on an official Stele Open game mat.

Convenient to Travel

The 2017 Stele Open is being hosted at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel, a luxury property that sits a mere 5 minute ride from Dulles International Airport on their free airport shuttle. Convenient flights. No cabs. No rental cars. No worries!

All That is Missing is YOU!

I hope you decide to make the Stele Open part of your tournament calendar. Sure, there are bigger tournaments, but nothing quite like the event that I put on here in Northern Virginia. The more of you get on board and come out to see what is doing, the more great stuff I can throw into the mix.

I hope to see you in April!